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Dental Nurse Recruitment - FAQs

Q. If I register with DNS, can I be guaranteed work?
A. It would be unfair of us to guarantee work, especially if you intend leaving a permanent position to join us. However, what we will say to you is that we are an extremely busy business and the majority of our nurses do have as much work as they want.

Q. Do I need my own transport?
A. Obviously this is preferable; however, we do have a number of nurses on our register who rely purely on public transport. In this situation we try our best to find local work for them or, if the assignment is further afield, we often find the best route via public transport for them to take prior to offering the assignment. If you are prepared to travel occasionally, the work can be there.

Q. Do I have to work when I am offered it?
A. No, the choice is yours, which is what attracts so many nurses to this type of work.

Q. If I joined DNS when would I be paid?
A. All our nurses are salaried with monies being paid into their accounts on the last Friday each month but we must receive all outstanding timesheets by the previous Monday in order to catch the payroll on time.

Q. I am a qualified and registered dental nurse with 7 years experience and I am looking for a new permanent position. Can you help me?
A. Yes. We are in constant touch with dentists throughout the region and quite often their first point of call when looking to fill a vacancy is Dental Nursing Services (DNS). We know, therefore, who is looking for a nurse. Once you successfully register with us we can begin marketing you.

Q. I am a qualified dental nurse but I haven't worked for 20 years, having taken a break to bring up my family. I am now in a position where I would like to rejoin the workforce and wondered whether I could still use my qualification?
A. No, unless you registered with the GDC before July 2008. Should you wish to register after this time or if the certificate is lost, you must re-sit the exam. Those who hold the DSA certificate from the National Examining Board for Dental Surgery Assistants must have registered prior to July 2008 or it will be necessary to re-qualify.

Q. I am 17 years old and a school leaver. I would like to make dental nursing my career. How do I go about it?
A. Call us and discuss your options with Jo Watkin-Wynn. She has various contacts she can put you in touch with.

Q. So, whether I am looking for training or a temporary or permanent position, I can contact you for advice.
A. That's what we are good at.

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